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Bear Republic Red Rocket Ale


Nicely Balanced

Nicely Balanced

Brewer’s Description: “Red Rocket Ale is a bastardized Scottish style red ale that traces its origins to our homebrew roots. This full bodied and hoppy brew finishes on the palate with sweet, caramel malt flavors.”

My Description: This is a robust ale with delicious flavors and a bold hop presence. It begins with a large and dense, light beige colored head that holds the whole way leaving behind a wall of lacing. The aroma is inviting with notes of toasted malt, light caramel notes, citrus hops, and tropical notes like mangoes. There is also the faintest note of dark fruits in the aroma as the beer warms up a bit. Red Rocket Ale is medium bodied with a moderate carbonation level and a dry finish. The flavor profile follows the nose nicely with a deep malt backbone providing tasty notes of caramel malt and biscuit malt. Citrus hops and woodsy hops compliment these notes cleanly without ever dominating the flavor profile. The aftertaste is moderately high in bitterness and slightly sharp with lingering woodsy hop and malt notes. Overall, this beer showcases a great blend of flavors that delight the senses. It is best served around 50°F and pairs nicely with Gouda cheese, braised deer, or baked duck.

ABV: 6.8% Color: Dark Amber Sweetness: 2.5/10 Bitterness: 6/10

Clown Shoes Rexx

REXX: 91 Points



This American Strong/Imperial Red Ale is a limited release in 22 oz. bottles.

Brewer’s Description: “We like dinosaurs. We especially like Rexx, our prehistoric pal who wears clown shoes, drinks bourbon, and spends his doomed days in exile from the other Tyrannosauruses, choosing to romp with friendlier beasts. Rexx, we dedicate this Imperial Red Ale aged in Heaven Hill and Four Roses bourbon barrels to you buddy.”

My Description: This is a nicely executed beer that is fits correctly into the bourbon category. It begins with a good sized, light beige colored head that fades to a thin film that lingers leaving behind a minimal amount of lacing. The aroma is pleasant with notes of caramel malt, bourbon, and faint notes of vanilla. Rexx is medium/full bodied with a slightly lower carbonation level and a semi-dry finish. The texture is chewy like a barleywine but not as dense, it’s a bit thinner with the alcohol coming through slightly but not in an intrusive way. The flavor profile is similar to the nose with notes of caramel malt, bourbon, vanilla as well as a hint of molasses and some oak presence. This beer is definitely on the sweeter side with just a hint of bitterness in the finish. Overall, this beer is strong and enjoyable but needs some aging to take the edge off. It is best served around 55°F and pairs nicely with dark chocolate, strong cheeses, or a mild cigar.

ABV: 12% Color: Mahogany Sweetness: 3.5/10 Bitterness: 2/10