The Rochefort Brewery is located in the Abbey of Notre-Dame de Saint-Rémy, right outside the city of Rochefort, Belgium. The Abbey has been brewing beer since 1595 by monks or overseen by monks. The brewery is not open to the public and the monks are very secret about their brewing techniques. They brew according to their own agenda and not the market demand. The beer is only sold in order to financially support the monastery and some other charitable causes.


ROCHEFORT 6: 94 Points

Feeling religious?

This Belgian Strong Dark Ale is available year-round in limited quantities in 11.2 oz. bottles.

My Description: Trappist monks set the bar when it comes to brewing these styles of beer and Rochefort 6 is another bar setter. It has a big and bubbly light tan head that fades to a film that holds the rest of the way producing minimal lacing. The aroma has more of a sweet base accompanied by a mixture of pleasing scents such as some spice, malt, yeast, and fruits like raisins. The beer is medium bodied with a higher carbonation level. The beer has a sweet base all around with flavor notes of biscuits, dark fruit, and a hint of spice and alcohol. The finish leaves a lingering sweetness with the hint of licorice. The beer is not rich but smooth and very easy to drink making it feel like an everyday beer. It is best served around 50°F and pairs nicely with sausages, chocolate desserts, or gourmet cheeses.

ABV: 7.5%  Color: Hazy Brown  Sweetness: 4/10  Bitterness: 1/10

ROCHEFORT 8: 100 Points

Thank God for monks

This Belgian style Dubbel Abbey Ale is available year-round in limited supply in 11.2 oz. bottles.

Brewer’s Description: Belgian Ale

My Description: This is Rochefort’s most popular beer and it is clear why. This beer is on its own level of greatness and quality. These monks have been passing down their knowledge in secret for hundreds of years and they have mastered brewing. This beer has a nice sized bubbly/fluffy head that has great retention with decent lacing. The aroma is slightly sweet with notes of dark fruit and yeast. The taste of this beer is amazing. It has flavors of dark fruit, raisins, with a hint of spice. It is bisquity and sweet. There is a lot going on but they all work together in perfect harmony to make you wish you had a second bottle. It has a minor alcohol hint with a slightly higher carbonation level. I cannot say anymore, you must drink this beer to find out for yourself. It is best served around 50°F. Enjoy!

ABV: 9.2%  Color: Hazy Brown  Sweetness: 4.5/10  Bitterness: 1/10

ROCHEFORT 10: 99 Points

Strong and Delicious

This Quad is available year-round in limited supply in 11.2 oz. bottles.

My Description: Probably one of the best Quads on the market. I immediately wished I had a second bottle right after my first sip. It has a big and fluffy tan colored head with an amazing retention quality. The lacing is really good and overall the head is great for this level ABV. The aroma is bold and strong. It smells so good with fragrant notes of caramel malt, some sweetness, and a hint of alcohol. The beer is full bodied and nicely carbonated. Up front you will taste dark fruits like raisins and plums, caramel, and a touch of sugar. This leads into an aftertaste that is semi-sweet and bisquity with a hint of spice. The flavors work perfectly together and the overall experience is divine. It is best enjoyed around 52°F and pairs nicely with lamb chops, filet mignon, or baked brie.

ABV: 11.3%  Color: Dark Mahogany  Sweetness: 4.5/10  Bitterness: 1.5/10