Brewery Vivant Tree Bucket

TREE BUCKET: 94 Points

Launching hops

Launching hops

This Belgian Strong/Belgian IIPA is released in late February in 16 oz. can.s

Brewer’s Description: “Belgian candy sugar and the Ardennes yeast strain lend sweetness to this very, very hoppy beer. Tropical fruit-forward Citra hops, among others, give balance to the sweet profile and high ABV. The beer is babied in the fermentation tanks and dry hopped just before packaging. From aroma to sip to burp, this beer will have you storming the gates for your next pint.”

My Description: This is one soft Imperial IPA, the hops are mellow and the candy sugar comes through easily. It begins with a large and dense, white colored head that lasts the whole way leaving behind a wall of lacing. The aroma is unique and pleasant with notes of Belgian yeast esters, citrus hops, melon, and a touch of lemon funk. Tree Bucket is medium bodied with a moderate carbonation level and a dry finish. The flavor profile is definitely on the softer side of bitterness. Sweet candy undertones are detected throughout along side juicy notes of tropical hops and citrus hops. The beer exhibits an overall earthy and lemon funk presence but it never takes center stage; these notes are sometimes faint allowing the other notes to come through cleanly. The alcohol is beautifully hidden and the aftertaste is slightly bitter with lingering sweet notes. Overall, this is an extremely smooth ale that is pleasure to drink. It is best served around 45°F and pairs nicely with sharp Cheddar, shrimp tacos, or spicy veggie chili.

ABV: 9.3% Color: Golden Sweetness: 3/10 Bitterness: 3.5/10