Petoskey Brewing Mind’s Eye PA

MIND’S EYE PA: 66 Points

IPA of the 90's

This IPA needs some love

This IPA is released in 16 oz. cans.

Brewer’s Description: “Burnt copper color and giant hop aroma come to the forefront in this traditional IPA. Rich caramel malt and red wheat balance the dry bitter finish.

My Description: Did they even taste this beer before they released it? What’s the deal with the crappy quality of ingredients and the terrible execution? This beer just seems like they had old ingredients that they didn’t want to throw away and instead made me spend my money on this joke of an IPA. It begins with a large, light beige colored head that lasts the whole way leaving behind a nice amount of lacing. The aroma is pleasant enough but soft with notes of sweet malt and citrus hops. Mind’s Eye PA is medium bodied with a moderate carbonation level and a dry finish. The flavor profile does not blend cleanly; stale hop notes intertwine bluntly with the caramel malt notes. This is not a smooth beer. The hops taste old, the flow is harsh, and the aftertaste is not satisfying. This beer seems like it was made by some amateurs. It is best served around 45°F and pairs nicely with whatever blocks the taste of this beer.

ABV: 6.7% Color: Brown/Red Sweetness: 2.5/10 Bitterness: 6.5/10