Funky Buddha Hop Stimulator




This Imperial IPA is available year-round in 12 oz. bottles.

Brewer’s Description: “Introducing Hop Stimulator, an IPA we’ve dosed with so much hops that drinking one is downright transformative. Resinous alpha and beta acids intertwine with a muscular all-malt body to create a beer that’s so bold, it’s… it’s… MONSTROUS!”

My Description: It’s immediate how potent the hops are in this beer, but it must be drank as fresh as possible to really appreciate the depth of hop flavors that are presented here. It begins with a good sized, off-white colored head with a great retention level that leaves behind some spotty lacing. The aroma shows a plethora of hop flavors such as pineapples, mangoes, other tropical notes, and some citrus hops. Hop Stimulator is medium bodied with a moderate carbonation level and a dry finish. The flavor profile follows the nose closely with tropical hop notes taking center stage along with notes of citrus hops, mild sweet malt notes, and a touch of pine hops. The alcohol is nicely hidden and the aftertaste is moderately high in bitterness with lingering fruity hop notes. Overall, this is a great IIPA with plenty of hop flavors and a high alcohol content that satisfies. It is best served around 45°F and pairs nicely with blackened grouper, spicy fish tacos, or aged sharp cheddar.

ABV: 9.5% Color: Hazy Orange Sweetness: 2.5/10 Bitterness: 7/10